Can you smell the Easter weekend?

Can you smell the Easter weekend?

Easter cannot be without hot cross buns.

 I instantly (and normally with a shock about how time flies) realise that Easter is approaching when I am greeted with the warming smell of the cinnamon in every food store. I have the habit to use this opportunity to compare all the different variations - because one cannot afford to miss any of the new versions that are available - from orange zest to herbed versions... and seriously, how does one choose? One thing stays clear to me - it is all about the cinnamon. So I decided to take my approach to hero this comforting spice even more, and what supports cinnamon better than good old South African rooibos tea? I managed to make my version of hot cross buns to celebrate this special time with an extra South African punch... and some cheeky changes to add to the ancient favourite...



10g instant yeast

250ml warm milk

30ml sugar

45ml soft butter

1 egg

5ml uniodised salt (Himalayan salt can be used)

5ml cinnamon

5ml mixed spice

2ml nutmeg (preferably freshly ground)

125ml cranberries

750ml cake flour

80g white chocolate



Add the yeast to the warm milk and let stand for about 5 minutes.

Add the sugar and egg mix. 

Add spice, cranberries and salt and mix well.

Add half of the flour and combine, then add the rest of the flour and knead well. leave to rise to double the size.

Knead down, divide.

Place 1 piece of chocolate in the middle and shape into balls (about 15 balls of 45g each), place on a prepared baking tray and leave to rise again until doubled.

Preheat the oven (180oC).

While waiting prepare the mixture fore the white crosses.


For the white cross:

75ml cake flour

5ml soft butter

2ml baking powder

60ml milk



Mix all together and place in piping bag.

Once buns are ready, mark cross on buns by indenting slightly with a knive and pipe the crosses on.


Bake for 20 mins or until golden brown.


Mix and heat the glaze while buns are in the oven.



For the glaze:

125ml rooibos tea

125ml sugar


Combine and bring to boil.

Once hot buns are taken from the oven glaze immediately with warm glaze.


You can serve immediately or store in an air tight container once cooled.


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