Design evolution

Design evolution

One can never escape your past, it has a way of shaping and forming your thoughts. So has mine. When I designed these servers, I couldn’t help myself thinking of the way they will be used, of the design principles… for even though it will be food and not furniture and finishings, it will still be designed. We first eat with your eyes. Here are my thoughts behind every design:

“Objectivity is the province of the scientist, technician, mechanic, logician, and mathematician. Subjectivity is the milieu of the artist” - Matthew Frederick

It speaks for itself, a freestyle server that can be used for an organized layout or more organic approach to shape.
Use this to frame your circular display, or form the area for elements to be displayed in.

“When elements or spaces are NOT EXPLICIT, but are nonetheless APPARENT, we can see them even though we can’t see them - they are said to be IMPLIED”. Matthew Frederick

Piece of Cake

A circle with various diameters divided into slices. This serves as a guide to evenly slice your cake, no matter the diameter.

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